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Verbesserung der Bildungsqualität, Fähigkeiten und Einrichtungen für die Kinder des Mugu-Projekts

Das Ziel dieses Projekts ist es, die Fähigkeiten der Kinder in verschiedenen Bereichen zu fördern, ihre Kreativität zu fördern und die Lernumgebung für Kinder im abgelegenen Bezirk Mugu zu verbessern.
ABC übernimmt einen Teil der Personalkosten und der Bereitstellung von Lernmaterialien.

Project Report: Uplifting Education Quality, Skills, and Facilities for Children of Mugu District

Project Name: Maya For All
Project Area: Mugu
Project Duration: 3 weeks
Project Team: Ms. Dikshya Khadgi (Secretary/Project Manager), Mr. Suraj Dulal (Treasurer/Assistant Project Manager)


The Maya For All project aimed to empower children in the remote district of Mugu by developing skills in various aspects, enhancing creativity, and improving the learning environment. Led by Ms. Dikshya Khadgi and Mr. Suraj Dulal, the initiative spanned three weeks and involved three schools: Shree Karnali Secondary School, Murma Secondary School, and Mahadev Secondary School. The project included the implementation of Phase 2 projects: artistic, inventive, craft, and upcycling projects.

Shree Karnali Secondary School


1. Artistic Project
   o Donation of Art Materials: A variety of art supplies, including paints, brushes, canvases, sketchbooks, and          other essential tools, were donated to the school.
   o Hiring of an Art Teacher: An art teacher was hired to provide ongoing art education, fostering an                          environment where students can regularly practice and enhance their artistic skills.

2. Inventive and Craft Project
    o Creative Workshops: Conducted workshops to teach students various crafting techniques and inventive             skills, encouraging them to create unique projects using the provided materials.
3. Upcycling Project
    o Upcycling Activities: Introduced upcycling activities where stu
dents learned to repurpose and recycle                 materials, transforming them into useful items and artworks.


Outcomes and Benefits

Increased Student Engagement: The introduction of art materials and classes led to a notable increase in             student engagement and enthusiasm for learning.
Development of Artistic and Craft Skills: Students began developing their artistic and craft skills, exploring             different mediums and techniques.
Boost in Creativity: The art, inventive, and craft projects encouraged creativity, allowing students to express           themselves and think outside the box.
Positive Impact on Mental Health: Engaging in these activities provided a therapeutic outlet for students,               improving their overall well-being.
Environmental Awareness: The upcycling project instilled a sense of environmental responsibility, teaching           students the importance of recycling and repurposing materials.


The school administration expressed deep gratitude for the resources and support, noting a positive shift in         student morale and participation.
Future collaborations were discussed with the principal, who assured continued support for the project's               initiatives.

Murma Secondary School


   1. Artistic Project
    o Donation of Art Materials: Similar to Shree Karnali, art supplies were provided to ensure students had                    access to the necessary tools for creative expression.
       o Hiring of an Art Teacher: An art teacher was appointed to guide students through regular art classes,                    helping them to develop their skills consistently.
   2. Inventive and Craft Project
    o Creative Workshops: Students participated in workshops focusing on various crafts and inventive                            projects, using materials provided by the project team.
   3. Upcycling Project
    o Upcycling Activities: Conducted upcycling sessions to teach students how to creatively reuse and recycle              materials, promoting sustainability.

Outcomes and Benefits

   Discovery of New Talents: Many students discovered new talents and interests in art and craft, which they             were previously unable to explore due to lack of resources.

   Enhanced Learning Environment: The regular art and craft classes created a more dynamic and engaging           learning environment, benefiting the students' overall educational experience.
Encouragement of Teamwork: Art and craft projects often involved collaborative efforts, teaching students             the value of teamwork and cooperation.
Increased Confidence: As students developed their skills, their confidence in their abilities grew, positively            affecting other areas of their studies.
Environmental Responsibility: The upcycling project taught students to be mindful of waste and the potential         for creative reuse, fostering a sustainable mindset.


   The principal and staff showed unwavering support for the project, highlighting its positive impact on                     students.
Regular updates from the art teacher and Mugu Coordinator, Mr. Kailash Shahi, confirmed the project's                 ongoing success and integration into the school curriculum.

Mahadev Secondary School


     1. Phase I: Donation and Awareness
           o Donation of Educational Materials: Essential educational materials, including books, stationery, and                        other learning aids, were donated to support the students' academic needs.
           o Awareness Sessions on Good Touch and Bad Touch: Interactive sessions were conducted to educate                    students about personal safety and boundaries, fostering a safe learning environment.
           o Establishment of a Mini Library: A mini library was set up to provide students with access to a wide                        range of books, encouraging reading and self-learning.


  2. Phase II: Artistic Project
         o Donation of Art Materials: Comprehensive art supplies were provided to kickstart the school's artistic                    program.
         o Hiring of an Art Teacher: An art teacher was hired to conduct regular art classes and nurture students'                 creative talents.
    3. Inventive and Craft Project
         o Creative Workshops: Conducted workshops on crafting and inventive activities, providing students with                  the materials and guidance needed to create unique projects.
    4. Upcycling Project
         o Upcycling Activities: Introduced upcycling sessions to teach students the importance of recycling and                    creative reuse of materials, promoting sustainability.

Outcomes and Benefits

        Enhanced Academic Resources: The donation of educational materials and the establishment of a mini                 library greatly enriched the school's academic resources.
Improved Personal Safety Awareness: The awareness sessions on good touch and bad touch were                         instrumental in educating students about personal safety, creating a safer school environment.
Fostering a Reading Culture: The mini library became a popular resource, encouraging students to develop           a reading habit and enhance their knowledge.
Development of Artistic and Craft Skills: The art and craft projects provided a platform for students to                     explore and develop their creative skills, fostering creativity and self-expression.
Positive Behavioral Changes: The combination of academic support and artistic activities led to positive               behavioral changes, with students becoming more engaged and motivated in their studies.
Environmental Awareness: The upcycling project instilled a sense of environmental responsibility, teaching           students to creatively reuse materials and reduce waste.


    The school administration praised the comprehensive approach of the project, recognizing its multifaceted          benefits for the students.
Ongoing support from the staff ensured the sustainability of the initiatives.
Weekly reports from the art teacher and Mr. Kailash Shahi confirmed the project's positive impact and                    progress.


The Maya For All project successfully enhanced the educational experience for children in Mugu district. By providing necessary resources, fostering creativity, and raising awareness on critical issues, the project made a significant difference in the lives of the students. The continuous support from the school administrations and staff, along with regular updates from the project coordinators, ensures the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of the initiatives.
We look forward to furthering our efforts with our projects in Mugu and expanding our reach to empower more children through quality education and skill development.

Pictures from Project


Eindrücke Projekt Mugu



Project Name: Maya For All
Project Area: Mugu
Project Duration: 3 weeks
Project Team: Mr. Aja Bahadur Shahi (General Secretary), Ms. Dikshya Khadgi (Secretary/Project Manager),
Mr. Suraj Dulal (Treasure/Assistant Project Manager)


The project aimed to empower children by developing skills on various aspects, attain children creativity goal as well as enhance the learning environment for children in the remote district of Mugu. Ms. Dikshya Khadgi and Mr. Suraj Dulal led the initiative, spanning three weeks and covering two schools: Shree Karnali Secondary School and Murma Secondary School.

Activities  at Shree Karnali Secondary School:

Week 1: Awareness and Donation Program

Embarking on Day 1 with an Orientation Program, we introduced ourselves, the organization, sponsors, objectives, and purpose, fostering an initial connection with students and teachers alike. Subsequent days witnessed a multifaceted Awareness and Donation Program.

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness: We conducted an in-depth session targeted students in grades 4-8, featuring the distribution of sanitary pads and practical demonstrations on their proper usage and disposal.

Good Touch-Bad Touch Awareness: We conducted engaging sessions which unfolded for students from class 1 to class 5, utilizing impactful methods such as pictures and short dramas to convey the nuances of appropriate and inappropriate touch.

Personal Hygiene Awareness: This comprehensive session delved into proper tooth brushing, nail-cutting, bathing, and overall cleanliness. We distributed toothbrushes and other hygiene items which complemented the educational content.

Importance of Cleaning Environment: We donated dustbins to instill the significance of a clean and tidy environment, accompanied by an interactive session to reinforce the importance of cleanliness.

Primary First Aid Training: We did practical demonstrations where an actual first aid scenario took place when a boy from school had a minor cut in his finger. We performed first aid activities in front of whole school while doing the treatment of a boy along side. We also donated first aid box to cure minor injuries of children at school.

Interactive Games: We curated engaging activities to reinforce the awareness topics, culminating in a feedback session to assess the effectiveness of the program.

Mini-Library: A noteworthy facet of the project was the establishment of a Mini-Library within an abandoned classroom. This transformative space was stocked with donated storybooks, educational charts, indoor creative games, number mats, and various other educational materials. The emphasis was placed on instilling the love for reading and learning, underscoring the importance of utilizing the library.


Appointed Region Coordinator: We have appointed Mr. Sunil Shahi, a resident of Mugu, as the regional coordinator for our project. In this role, he will keep us informed about the project's developments since we cannot be present in Mugu consistently. Mr. Shahi will regularly visit the project site to assess progress and monitor the utilization of donated materials. His responsibility includes updating us regularly and providing detailed reports on the project's status.

Activities at Murma Secondary School: 

The journey to Murma Secondary School involved five hours of walking. The subsequent implementation mirrored the success of Shree Karnali Secondary School, with tailored adjustments made to accommodate the unique needs of Murma Secondary School.

Meetings with School Principals: We had welcoming and appreciative meetings with both Principals of school, who expressed their satisfaction with the positive impact of the project.

Discussion on Phase 2 Project: We had a detailed conversations unfolded regarding the actual needs of the schools, exploring possibilities such as hiring teachers for art, drama, music classes, wall painting and many more which is part of our project. These discussions showcased a commitment to the ongoing development of education in these rural schools.

Conclusion: In the culmination of "Uplifting Education Quality, Skills, and Facilities for Children of Mugu District," the project not only realized its objectives at Shree Karnali Secondary School and Murma Secondary School but also set a benchmark for comprehensive awareness programs and the establishment of enriching educational spaces. The commitment to fostering a positive learning environment echoed in every aspect, promising a sustained impact on the educational landscape of Mugu District. The Phase 1 project motivated all of us to get ready for the Phase 2 of the project. Since, we visited our project area physically so we now have much more idea, determination and commitment to do better in future for this area.

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